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RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Title: RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Hi, Marth:  I agree -- traveling is great.  If you decide to come see Boise, do it in the summer and we'll tube down the river!  It's so much fun.

You're right -- the Dean and I did have a lot of fun.  I think it didn't work out because we were better friends than anything else -- just  had a good time hanging out together.  I'm not much of a drinker, either -- especially not hard liquor, but this was the best vodka tonic I'd ever tasted.  Probably because the atmosphere was soooooo sophisticated!  LOL  We have about ten little micro-breweries here now, and they all make the tastiest (and strongest) beer.  One of the best is the wheat beer they make at a place called the Table Rock Brewery.  The food there is fabulous, and they serve the beer in tall glasses with a slice of lemon.  One is plenty -- trust me! 

You would enjoy Boise.  Come during our River Festival in late June.  It's the second largest balloon festival in the United States.  We've had John Tesh, Pebo Bryson, Chubby Checker (he was awful), and many other headliners, and the concerts are free.  It's a fun time, and being from the big city, you could handle the crowds.  I  have a little trouble in that department.  I think I'll write a travel brochure for Boise, after all.  Apparently, I'm its biggest fan!  LOL  Kathy