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RE: [MOL] Thanks June you are so funny

Title: RE: [MOL] Thanks June you are so funny

Dear PJ:  I remember -- and those pains WERE as bad as labor pains, but they didn't seem to end!  You poor baby.  I know how bad this hurts.  I went to the Oregon coast one weekend to meet my ex-husband's parent for a boat trip.  We were living in California at the time, and it was a nine hour drive from Sacramento to Gold Beach, Oregon.  By the time I got to Gold Beach, I was in agony.  The ex and his parents had scheduled a boat trip down the river the next day -- I can't remember the name of it.  Morning came, and I was in excruciating pain, so they left me alone all day in the RV.  I couldn't get off the sofa to go to the bathroom!  I rolled off the couch and crawled to get there.  I was alone for eight hours with no pain medication, no food -- nothing!  When they came back, I was nearly hysterical.  I demanded that he take me to the nearest hospital.  He did, and they admitted me.  I was there for three days on drugs and in traction.  It was a wonderful relief, though.  For the trip back to Californa, they gave me so much Percodan, I don't even remember it.  It was shortly after this charming episode that I returned to Boise without him or his charming family!!!  LOL  You have my sympathy, dear.  Take it easy now.  Love, Kathy