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[MOL] Thanks June you are so funny

Hi June

Thanks for the welcome back note.
That story of your grandchildrens' pants was funny.  Thanks for the giggle.
Only now my side hurts from laughing.  Only kidding.
My back will hopefully get better so we can meet.
I went for acupunture and acupressure last nite.  The only problem is I had
never been to this doctor before and I wasn't use to his touch.  He digs deep
with the needles (which I'm not use to), and he presses hard with the
acupressure (which I'm definitely not use to).  I couldn't sleep last nite
because my side and lower back not hurt even more.  He told me this would
happen but I quess I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much.  It was funny last
nite because my husband drove and I kept squirming around in the seat to get
comfortable and he remarked I hadn't squirmed liked that since he drove me to
the hospital to deliver our son.  This pain is just as bad as labor pains in
the back.  Well maybe a tiny bit less painful.
As soon as I am able to drive I will gladly meet you with open arms.  Two sets
of arms mine and my 3 year olds. 
I hope your sniffles and cold go away.
Take care and watch out for our snow tomorrow.
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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