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Re: [MOL] All Right Nanc! I"m OK!!!!

Hi Kathy,
We finally got a break last night, no snow, so our drive stayed plowed.  We've
paid $90.00 for this month already.  That sure doesn't help the budget at all.
Still in pain, I really bled, down the throat and out my nose, took the
bandage off my eye today, and the bandage was all blood, and wow! what a
shinner, the size of a door knob.
Got to go.
Love you,

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<< Subj:	 RE: [MOL] All Right Nanc!  I"m OK!!!!
 Date:	1/6/99 12:51:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
 Hi, Nanc:  Yes, you've been a faithful and busy MOLer as usual.  Just heard
 on the news out here how bad things are in Michigan -- and going to get
 worse!  You poor kid.  Hang in there!  Love,  Kathy

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