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[MOL] Surviving!

Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases. Every type of
cancer has some form of treatment. But cancer is an extreme complex
disease, with more than a hundred different types, each treated in its
own particular way".

"When I (Richard) was cured, yes I said cured of lung cancer 18 years
ago, we realized that it was a combination of doctors and knowledge that
cured cancer. People were progressing negatively from cancer, not
because the treatment has not been discovered, but because many
physicians were not aware of the latest and best treatments. I felt that
computer technology could be used to give everyone access to
up-to-minute information on the best treatment for their specific type
of cancer."

"The director of the National Cancer Institute at that time, Dr. Vincent
DeVita incorporated, the Physicians Data Query (PDQ) became a reality
available by calling 1-800-4cancer. It is also available on the internet
at http://rex.nci.nih.gov or http://cancernet.nci.nih.gov/. "

I encourage you to get the information for your type of cancer so that
you know that you are receiving the latest, state of the art treatment.
If the treatment discussed in the PDQ differs from what you are
receiving, show it to your doctor and ask why. The information is free,
reliable, and it just might save your life.