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Re: [MOL] Cricket

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! 
Each and every one of you molers must have prayed very hard for us last night
because I talked to Cricket this morning and she sounded so much better.
Yesterday they changed out the stint in her back for the right kidney and was
able to drain 100cc from it this morning.  She was actually sitting up for the
first time in quite a while.  Said she might even try to get her hair washed. 

The persons that I had talked with about helping out on her house had came
over and completly finished the bathroom for her.  She was in tears over this.
Told me I was her angel here on heaven.  I was so glad to hear a little
happiness in her voice. 

Keep storming heaven with the prayers for us and she may win this battle yet.
I know I have never been around someone that has as strong a will as she does
and for this I am so thankful. 

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