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[MOL] Karin/Dee

Dear Karin,
I am glad that you can still find some humor
within your pain.. I know that it does
help to laugh when you can and that it is not
wrong to do that even when your
dad is so ill. Your dad would not want you to give
up all of the things in your life
in order to help him - dad's are like that!!! My
dad told me that when he is not longer
here that I am to grieve for a short time and then
put my grief in a box and give it
to God and then get on with my life... So please
feel don't give up hope for your
dad and don't give up on life for yourself - where
we are right now is exactly where
we are supposed to be at this time in our

Take care and I am praying for your dad and you
and your family!!!!!!
Please do a search on Cancell - you may find it
extremely interesting!!!


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