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RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Title: RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Hi, Martha:  I know the tune to Autumn in New York, but not all the words -- not any more.  New York was lovely, though.  The flowers on Park Avenue were incredible.  I even liked all the noise!  We went to the Russian Tearoom, and I almost fainted because there were no prices on the menu!  That's how much of a hick I am.  Then we went to Tiffany's, and my boyfriend asked how much a cigarette lighter was he was going to buy for me.  The clerk said he couldn't afford it if he had to ask!!!!!  My boyfriend (who wasn't exactly a "boy") at the time had been the Dean of the University of Arizona.  He had recently moved to Boise with Morrison Knudsen and had been teaching Statistics at Boise State University.  He had two gay uncles who lived in the apartment and were in the Bahamas.  One had worked on the Manhattan Project (the bomb), and the other was, of course, an interior decorator.  They left us goose liver pate with truffels, which I had never tasted, Dom Perignon champagne (which I hated), and Absolut Vodka (which I loved).  It was a wonderful trip.  We stayed for a week.  Now I recognize places I'd seen in the movies, provided they aren't filmed in Toronto!  LOL  I didn't marry this man, because he was so smart he was weird, but we had a lot of fun for a couple of years.  Yes, Boise IS nice.  I really do belong here, but I still want to see New York again.  Love, Kathy