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No Subject

Dear Frank:  I hope today that it will be a better day for all of you.  They say when it rains it pours; however in your case it should be when it snow's it snow's.  There is the Hill Burton Act, which mean's any hospital receieving federal funding for research has to treat your daughter and if she financailly cannot afford it they by law must treat her.  Then there is a way of taking a life insurance policy for medical expenses  You or your daughter definitely need to talk to the Social Worker at the hospital.  There are ways to also get drugs free; so to me this puts things in a different perspective, definitely amore optomistic picture and there is also a fondation that helps.  Should you want further information in regards to all of this let me know.  The main thing is that although this seem's like life is against all of you, that you take care of you; so you can be around for your family to enjoy....your friend, lillian