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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hi All,

With all the football on TV right now, I thought I'd go into my archives
and get one out that I have used before.  For some of you this is new. 
For the others, I hope you don't mind another rerun.  Here are my
"thoughts for today":

        The only time we can make ends meet nowadays is on the football

        Many football fans rush to the stadium to get good seats---then
        stand up to watch the game.

I never used to be much of a football fan, but I've been getting more
interested in the game.  I can see many "life lessons" in it. 
  The players are trained to get back up immediately when they have been
knocked down (That's what we all should do when life dishes out some
blows).  And isn't it refreshing that the very person who knocked you
down is often times the very same person who will give you a hand to
help you get back on your feet again, instead of kicking you while
you're down there (When we realize we have caused someone some trouble,
we should be willing to help them in any way we can).  Also, being a
team player is the best way to win (We all need help from others to
really succeed in life).  Because a football game can be very
grueling and exhausting, it is divided into quarters.  That gives the
players a rest, helps them to renew their enthusiasm, and allows them to
analyze their progress and make the necessary changes in their strategy
(Life can be pretty exhausting, too, but no matter how tough life gets,
there are always times for us to rest, regroup, and renew our plans.  We
may not always recognize those times, but they are there).  I could go
on with other examples, but I think you get the idea.  Why not see if
you can think of some other ones.  Football might take on a whole new
perspective for you.  Well, I leave you now with that challenge.

God bless,
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