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[MOL] Welcome Sonya

Hi Sonya
Welcome aboard.
I'll keep your precious Dad in my prayers.  I joined this delicious group of
people in June 98.  My mom has colon cancer and she too was given 2 months to
live.  But it's been 1 year and she is still here kicking and fighting and
doing her best to stay with the program.  I too live far from Mom, she is in
Florida and I'm on Long Island.  It's rough being far but you need to keep up
your prayers to God and stay in touch with mom and dad.  Your mom need support
to being his caregiver.
Keep the faith in God and stay here with us and we can chat and get you
through. You will certainly receive alot of useful information here from alot
of supportive individuals.  
These people have helped me so much that I feel like I have an extended
May God Bless you.
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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