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[MOL] Minn. joke

Here's a Minnesota Guide to Computer Lingo

  LOG ON: making da vood stove hotter

  LOG OFF: don't add no more vood

  MONITOR: keep an eye on da vood stove

  MEGAHERTZ: vhen da big log drops on your barefoot in da morning

  FLOPPY DISK: vhat you get from pilingk too much vood

  RAM:  da hydraulic thing dat makes da voodsplitter vork

  HARD DRIVE:  getting home during most of da vinter

  PROMPT: vhat ya vish da mail vas during da snow season

  ENTER:  come on in

  WINDOWS: vhat ya shut vhen it gets below zero

  SCREEN: vhat you gotta fix on da windows during black fly season

  CHIP: vhat ya munch during Vikings games

  MICROCHIP: vhat's left in da bag vhen da chips are gone

  MODEM: vhat ya did to da hay fields last Yuly

  DOT MATRIX: Eino Matrix's wife

  LAPTOP: vhere da grandkids sit

  KEYBOARD: vhere ya suppose to hang da keys so da Misses can find em

  SOFTWARE: da plastic picnic utensils, ya?

  MOUSE: vhat leaves dem little turds in da cupboard

  MAINFRAME: da part of da sauna dat holds up da roof

  PORT: vhere da commercial fishin guys tie up dere boats


  RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY: vhen ya can't remember how much ya spent on da
     new deer rifle vhen da wife asks about it

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