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[MOL] Scientists find how to make cancer cells die

Dearest friends, my time has not been my own lately, but you are never far
from my thoughts. My heart is especially grieving for those of you who have
been receiving some very hard news lately. I wish with all my being I could
make it "all better," prayers not withstanding. Still, we can't lose hope,
and to that end, I'm sending a few articles that seem encouraging about
what's on the horizon...lots of love, hugs and prayers, Joicy


UNITED KINGDOM: Scientists find how to make cancer cells die
    [01/05/99; Reuters News Service]

LONDON, Jan 6 (Reuters) - British scientists said on Wednesday
they had discovered how cancer cells can be instructed to die,
opening the way for new anti-cancer therapies. 

The scientists, whose findings were reported in Journal of the
National Cancer Institute, said they had identified a group of
genes that could halt the production of the enzyme telomerase,
which prevents cancer cells from dying. 

The enzyme is found in cancer cells but not in normal human cells.

``This is a major advance in that we have now demonstrated that
switching off telomerase actually turns off cancer cells' division
potential and stops them dividing in every case,'' Professor
Robert Newbold of Brunel University in West London and a lead
investigator, said in a telephone interview. 

The full article can be found at:


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