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Hey Lil!
Hangin in there my friend. I have been flat out lately, working nights etc. I have also been in touch with the Uni about the subject I failed (ouch!) last semester, and it looks like they will allow me to do it again. I haven't been very well, suspect a stomach ulcer (or maybe gallstones). Have to make time to see the Doc. We are going to Sydney for the weekend, leaving Thursday afternoon, and staying til Sunday. A friend of many years is having his 40th birthday party. Will be nice to just relax (as much as you can with five kids, lol!) for a couple of days. I am hoping to see my dad while I am down in Sydney. My sister says he has lost heaps more weight, and he has also recently had two more melanomas removed from his skin. Personally I don't think he is very well at all, and I need to see him and assess him for myself. Not that it will make much difference, mind, he is such a stubborn bloody coot! He will listen to what I have to say, then go ahead and do his own thing anyway. Hmmm sounds a lot like me *grin*. I have been lurking, and keeping up with the messages, but haven't really felt up to posting too much lately. Be grateful, believe me, once I get started again, no-one will get a word in! lol
Thanks for thinking of me, and rest assured I think of you all every single day. 
Love always, 
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Hey girlfriend, how are you doing and what are you doing?  How's the family?  Hello to everyone and let me hear from you pal.....your friend, lillian