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[MOL] [Fwd: Thanks for the help]

Dear Mol Angels,
I just received this message from Frank that he
asked me to pass on to all of you.
Please do some major storming for him and his
daughter... they need and deserve
a miracle right now... a little warmer weather
would be nice to but I guess we shouldn't
ask for to much, right??? Trying to keep it light
but my heart is breaking for Frank and
his daughter and the their loved ones....
Love to all of you,

---- Begin included message ----
I would appericate it very much if you would tell the others.I wrote a little bit,but I am to messed up to write anything that touches all the bases.Its been a real bad afternoon for us.My wife took our daughter to Minot to see the doctor at 3.15pm.After she saw the doctor,she went across the street to the hospitol for a postop physical.The tumor was the size of an orange inside her kidney.Then about an hour before they headed home a storm blew in,and they had to drive 50 miles in a snow storm.So I was really worried about them.She has to be bed ridden for ten days after the surgery,then she can not work for three months.That will be a real hardship on them,and us as well.Her husband did not want to spend the money on health insurance for her,SO,she has no insurance.I don,t know how they will ever pay this one off.Thursday I go for my little operation.I hope that it is just a little operation.Thanks for your support and prayers.It got down to 25 below zero last night,so it truely feels like winter..Love Frank
---- End included message ----