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[MOL] Sonya/Dee

Dear Sonya,
I am very sorry to hear about you stepfather - my
husband is my daughter's stepfather
but he has been her father in every sense of the
word so I know how close you are to

I do know that we do have some lung cancer
survivors in our group who could give
you some wonderful advice... I cannot help you on
that note but I want you to know
that your dad will be in my prayers each and every
night as wil you! He is very lucky
to have such a caring daughter - the thing that
you can do for him that will mean the
most is just to be there for him and your mom and
really LISTEN to him. As far as
financial help goes you may want to talk to your
dad's doctor; if he feels that hospice
could be called in then hospice would pay for
everything that your dad requires. I am
not sure if they can help until all options have
been used up but it is worth a try...

Good luck and know that you are not alone; please
stay with our Mol Angel's; we
are here for you and you can cry, get info, get
mad, whatever you may feel like saying
we will listen to you... I know that frustration
of being so far away as my dad, who
has primary liver cancer, lives in Oklahoma and I
live in North Carolina... Just
keep in contact as much as you can with your
parents and believe me, you will learn
alot the more you get involved and ask questions.
There are no right or wrong questions
so don't be afraid to ask , OK???


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