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Re: [MOL] All Right Nanc! I"m OK!!!!

Hi Sis,
I've been talking all day, I've talked to PJ, Carla, Bill Hale from
California, who had an awful Christmas.  I've been helping, or at least trying
to help a lot of people today.  I just sent you a letter.  I've been trying to
download Franks Dog, with out any luck yet, but I'm trying to help him.  I
went to the Doctor, and he wants to monitor my BP a few more times before he
puts me on more pills.  Also my Son in S. Korea, needed some money from his
account her to be transfered to an account in Delaware, so he can move off
base out there, so I've been busy.  I am planning on getting up about 4:30am.
have to be in Grand Rapids to the Hospital there for my eye surgery at 6:15am.
Also had to arrange for my son-in-law to plow us out again and two of our
elderly neighbors that have nurses coming in tomorrow to take care of their
spouses.  WOW!  a deep breath!!!!!!  Now!  Am I forgiven?  LOL.  Does that
sound like alot?  Or am I just getting slow?  ROTFLMBO.  I wrote to Kathy a
couple of times and Judy too.  Come on you guys, help me out here, have I been
a working Angel or not?  I know my space bar on my key board is wore out,
along with my mouse.  I love you Sis, I knew you would wait for me to talk to
you later.  I'm really doing OK, at least for now.  I'll write to you first
tomorrow when I get home, OK.
Love you my Dear Sister Lil,

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 Well did you start your testing today?  Were you able to get out with the
snow?  I mean like you are being just too too quiet my friend.  What's up?
You know you will feel much better if you keep talking to us.  Sis

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