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RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Title: RE: [MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Hi, Martha:  Cold Spring sounds absolutely wonderful.  There's an area of Portland, Oregon, much like that.  Terwilleger Boulevard, I believe it is.  It's up in the Highlands, and the houses are very close together and close to the sidewalks.  It's very hilly there, and scenic.  The view of Portland from up there is breathtaking.  Although I don't consider Portland a smaller city, New Yorkers probably do.  Boise is definitely a small city, but it is lovely in its own way. We have a greenbelt that follows the Boise River the entire length of the city.  There are horse paths, bicylcle paths and jogging paths all along the river, and it's beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall.  We're very proud of our Greenbelt.  During the summer it's great sport to rent innertubes and tube down the river, waving at everyone who drives or walks by.  We have our own opera, symphony orchestra, and ballet company.  There are more millionaires per capita in Boise than in any other city in the United States, although it doesn't have the feeling of being only for the rich.  It's because it's the home of Boise Cascade, Morrison Knudsen, Hewlett-Packard, Micron, Albertsons, Ore-Ida Foods, Simplot Company -- the list goes on and on.  I sound like a travel brochure, don't I?

I visited New York (Manhattan) about ten years ago in October.  I was charmed by the city.  I thought it was wonderfully exciting and beautiful, too, and the air even smelled good.  I was suprised at how clean it was.  I stayed in an apartment on First and 51st near Sutton Place.  I thought it was very fancy over there.  We were on the 20th floor, and for a small town girl, that was very exciting.  I even went to the Met and saw "La Boheme."  I'd love to go back someday.  Maybe I will.  You know, I used to think that Easterners were aloof and unfriendly.  Just not true!  Thanks, Martha!  Love, Kathy