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[MOL] Tami/Dee

Dear Tami,

I am glad that you finally made yourself known to
all of us; this group is a Godsend
for all who join and I hope that you will continue
to share your thoughts, fears, and
even anger with us... we have all been there, are
still there, or are going where you
are so we all understand...  who would have
thought something so foreign to us
would become so familiar in just a short time.
Time seems to answer alot of our
questions if we just take the time to listen to
our hearts and our loved ones.

My dad has primary liver cancer and we are doing
everything that we can to lengthen
the time he has with as much quality in his life
as possible. I have learned so very much
from this group about faith, doctors, tests, and
alternative therapies - I feel truly
blessed to have found them all!!!!

You tell your dad and your sister-in-law that I am
praying for them and they are in my
thoughts everyday as are you. It sounds like your
family has been through so much
and you are a strong person because of it. You and
your family are not alone!

Please keep in touch and don't remain quiet any
longer - you need to talk (write), it


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