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[MOL] Not Much -- Just Chatting

Title: Not Much -- Just Chatting

Hi, Folks:  Just sitting here (working) and thinking about how suddently things can change.  I've always been proud of our small city -- how informal, yet cultured, we are.  Our last governer (as of today) lived about three blocks from us in a rather modest home.  He drove his own car to work every day, and ate at his favorite Chinese restaurant about twice a week.  Often, he would walk the three blocks from the capitol building to the restaurant by himself.  One day my friends and I had just finished eating and were exiting the restaurant.  I let go of the door and it almost smacked the Gov. in the face!  He laughed, and I apologized.  It wasn't unusual, either, to see him playing clarinet (not very well) in a little Dixieland band, having a great time.  Last Thursday, I was walking down to a little Greek restaurant near us and the Gov. was crossing the street from the capitol (our building is only a block away).  It was pouring rain, and I turned to the Gov., who is a very small man, and said, "You're getting all wet -- want to share my umbrella?"  So he did.  We walked along and I asked him how he felt about retiring, etc., and he joked and we chatted.  This was not unusual behavior for him at all and, in fact, was the way with all past governors, as well.  Old Governor Smylie asked me what a type of fruit was once in the grocery store.  His wife had a cold, so he was doing the shopping!  Our new governor, Dirk Kempthorne, has brought an entourage of security officers with him from Washington.  This change makes many of us sad.  Ah, well.  Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with you.  Kathy in Boise