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[MOL] From Sarah re: Greg

I have been trying to respond to everyone's posts regarding Greg, what I had written yesterday.  I'm just overwhelmed with emotion, I don't really know what to say to you all.

I guess I just want to tell you that it's such a comfort, so wonderful knowing Greg is loved by you and that you've helped guide him through this ordeal. It means so much to me and our family, to know that he's surrounded by caring, loving people.  I am going to print out some of the posts from MOL to bring to him when I go thursday, so he can read them.  I've tried to tell him/relay them over the phone, but it will be better if he can read, he loves to read anyway.  I think he'll feel how much poeple care about him, because I think a lot of the time he feels lost, alone and this way he can see that you, his friends are with him, rooting for him no matter which way he goes.

It is so difficult to write about this, so I'm going to go, I just wanted to thank you, I'm so happy that you think so highly of Greg.  I also appreciate your advice, it has helped tremendously.  

Sincerely, Sarah Wittenburg

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