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RE: [MOL] Is there hope?

Title: RE: [MOL] Is there hope?

Dear Michael:  Maybe I can help.  I'd like to try.  Many of us here received similar predictions and percentages.  I was given less than a 35% chance of surviving for a year when I was diagnosed last December.  Now, a year later, I'm cancer free and they say I have an 80% chance of remaining that way indefinitely. It wasn't easy to get here -- it never is.  But I'm frustrated when I read these predictions.  Doctors aren't God, and they don't know everything -- in your father's case, this is painfully obvious!  Much depends upon his attitude and the love and support of his family.  There are many of us on this forum who can offer wisdom, strength and support, as well.  You will be glad you joined us.  Welcome aboard.  Kathy in Boise, Idaho