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Re: [MOL] Is there hope?/Michael YES, YES and YES.. there is hope

Thank you so much for your inspiring message to Michael.  It moved me to tears
this morning as it relates very much to my own situation with my own father.

And I certainly support what you said about God.  I believe He is the reason
my Dad is still here, even since August, in spite of medical morons, mistakes,
and lack of genuine caring for his total person, and the family as part of his

The latest is that his dr will not approve him for VNA assistance!  Can you
believe that?  The Dr says it wouldn't be covered under insurance; my father
has EXCELLENT insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield from his Bethlehem Steel plan)
plus Medicare...the nurses said it would be covered, but must have doctor
approval!  I truly DESPISE my father's doctor and so do the nurses.  They have
a great deal of difficulty working with her.
But yes, I have chosen to believe God in this, not the medical world.  If my
father survives and thrives, it will only be because of Him not them, and I
may be the ONLY person who will know that, but I certainly do.

Love & God's blessings,
Chris R.
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