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Re: [MOL] Is there hope?/Michael YES, YES and YES.. there is hope

Michael, you wrote about your father:  I am pretty upset about the way this was handled and so Iask a heart felt, honest question, "Is there any hope" Is there any new discoveries for this sort of cancer. We don't know how much time there is to waste so help us in our plight not to. Can anyone share some wisdom on this???
You have asked a heartfelt honest question and therefore you are receiving a heartfelt honest answer.  Yes, there is hope Michael.  The % statistics that are given to people are based on 100 people, so if you are given a 10% chance, then translated over that is 10 of every 100 people will live.  The question that no one can answer for you is if your father will be one of them.  I prefer to think of the statistics in the other way, and that is that I will be one of the 10...
I am a one year lung cancering survivor.  Each day when I open my eyes, I thank God that I am a survivor today.  Michael, that is all that any person can have a guarantee on.  If you open your eyes and take a breath, then you are here for now.. this very minute.
It is our tendency to want to know what is going to happen later today, tomorrow, next week, and next year and none of us has these guarantees.  Most people believe that we are going to live for a very long time and when a disease like cancer strikes, then we are stricken.  It isthe rug that is pulled out from under our feet and our loved ones.  It is the fall you start in your dreams and awaken from with your heart racing; but with cancer you don't awaken and find out that it was a bad dream.  It is there when you wake each and every day.
The question here is not does it exist and what went wrong to cause it, atleast not at the point that you and your family are at right now.  It is very real and there are some very important decisions to be made quickly, but with careful research and thought.  What we do today can prevent something that we want to do tomorrow from being possible.
For example a friend of mine with lung cancer went to see her oncologist with a recurrence and was given a dose immediately of chemo.   The clinical trial we found that she would qualify for required no chemo for 4 weeks prior to beginning this trial..  These are things that occur and why we laypeople cannot do more than direct you to the experts.
Lillian sent you a good introduction and I would recommend that you call 1-800-4-Cancer and see if your father would qualify for any clinical trials via there.  Next, call M.D. Anderson and Sloan Memorial Kettering, also listed sites on the information provided by Lil.
Please take a deep breath and understand that cancer is a roller coaster ride.  Start by recuperating from the drop of the first hill.  There are more ahead, but also some much easier times.  Go get the book "50 Essential Things to Do When the Doctor Says it is Cancer" by Greg Anderson.. It is in paperback, and a very clear concise overview of the cancering journey.  You can scan it quickly and read it thoroughly in a very short time.  Please give it to your father first.
No matter what you think or feel about this, or any other member of your family.. this is a journey that belongs to your father.  You can suggest, recommend, push and prod; but the only one who is going to make the decisions as to how to deal with this journey is your father.
It is in his own heart that he will determine what he is willing to do and what he believes in. 
 It is in him, that lives an internal wisdom that only the person on the cancering journey can have.  Give him as much information as you can find to educate him, give him your heart to listen to how he feels about it all, give him your hand to comfort him and let him know that you love him and then give him his faith in his inner spirit to guide him on his way.
Please don't buy into statistics and do not spend alot of time with a doctor that spends their time giving out death sentences; instead of filling you with hope.  Find the doctor/s that believe they can help, knowing that it is not a life guarantee, but a providing a caring life force that they can deliver.  Remember, only God knows when we will be called to join him.
Michael, I pray that you and your family know God.  God is very much the captain of the voyage of the cancering journey.  Each and every person will die one day.  To die with the assurance that heaven is our future home is to be filled with more strength, hope, comfort and peace than if we view death as a final destination.  There are many here on the cancering journey that will be sharing with you the light and the wonder of living as a cancering survivor and this is possible for your father...
May God Bless you all, comfort you and guide you in his infinite wisdom..  Carla