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Re: [MOL] Judy's Radiation - Question?

Hi Judy,
I had an allergy to aloe, I broke out real bad, my granddaughter did to when I
used it on her for sunburn.  My dog had the same reaction.  Maybe that's why
your Doctor didn't want you to use it.
Love you,

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 > [Argila, June]  Hi Judy:  Did they say why you shouldn't use the
 > Sweene Cream.  I purchased it just for really dry skin and it is
 > working great, so I am curious.  Your friend June A.
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 > Dear Liz,
 > I asked them about the aloe and they asked me not to use it to use
 > Sweene
 > cream.
 > I bought the aloe and will try it anyway.
 > Love,
 > Judy
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