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[MOL] Is there hope?

I'd like to introduce you to my father. A man I am about to lose as a
result of colon cancer which was misdiagnosed as diverticulitis. Is this
for real, Yes it is and he is a very young 65 year old man with a family
who cares alot about him. He just underwent surgery last week for what
was believed to be a blockage in his intestines. The blockage turned out
to be a tumor. We were told today that the tumor was malignant. He had a
colonostomy (sp) in early August and was told there was nothing wrong.
The surgeon who performed the surgery last week finds this hard to
believe. Four months ago this could have been caught and treated but now
it is too late so I'm told. When he heals from the surgery they will
start chemotherapy and say that he has a 10%  chance of survival (1%
without the therapy). My mother is taking this pretty hard as are the
rest of us. I am pretty upset about the way this was handled and so I
ask a heart felt, honest question, "Is there any hope" Is there any new
discoveries for this sort of cancer. We don't know how much time there
is to waste so help us in our plight not to. Can anyone share some
wisdom on this???
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