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Re: [MOL] LeeAnne/Sandi


Cricket and I are 1st cousin's that have been like sisters since we were 5
years old.  We have been through a lot of things together.  We are actually
closer to each other than we are to our own sisters.   I can't imagine not
being there for her. I just wished I could do more than I have. Funny thing is
she looks just like my mother too.

Her father (my mother's brother) passed away this June from cancer and her
mother is a breast cancer survivor just like myself.  Both of my mothers
sisters died from breast cancer and I have lost 2 other first cousin's to the
same cancer in the last 4 years.  My dad passed away 6 years ago from stomach
cancer.  Our family has had our share. 

I was diagnosed in 1993 with breast cancer and Cricket was diagnosed in 1995.
Then I had my second go round in 1996 and she was diagnosed again this past
September.  I did much better than she did.  Mine was not in the lymph nodes
and hers was.  Out of 32 , 23 of hers was positive.  

So thats how we are connected. 

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