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Re: [MOL] Monday

I know exactly what you are saying.  Cricket is feeling the same way and her
kidneys have failed also.  Her back hurts her so much from the stints for the
kidney bags that she can not even lay back without at least 6 pillows behind
her.  Some times she seems to have such a strong will and then other times she
is so much out of it. 

I too do not want her to hurt, just as Greg.  I can only suggest that you pray
for God to give you and Greg peace and that his will be done. Pray for
understanding and acceptance.  It seemed to help when I initiated talks to
Cricket about my fears.  She then opened up and told me hers and then rested a
little better.  I also let her know that I di not expect her to be strong.
That she was welcome to cry in front of me.  No one else has let her do this. 

I am so sorry for you and Greg and I send my love and prayers to you. 

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