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Re: [MOL] Sandi/Dee

Thank you so much.  I am trying right now to make some changes here at home to
see if I can get away again.  Just seems like taxes and insurance and all came
due this month and finances will not allow for me to get off work.  I keep
praying about it. 

I did arrange for some people to go out to her trailer and do some much needed
work on it.  Made several calls and got it all lined up before I left.  My
aunt said they called her and told her they would be there tomorrow.  She
needed plastic for the windows to keep the cold out and some bathroom work
done, some furnace work and some electrical work done.  All the work is going
to be donated to her also.  God has been very providing to our prayers. 

Now if we can get hospice to help out too.  Just can't seem to make the right
connection, but I will not stop until I do.  She needs so much help. 


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