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Re: [MOL] Cricket

Thank you for such precious words of wisdom.  They do make sense. I have been
trying all day to just think of mine and Cricket's old memories to get through
the day.  Last night she was seeing witches in the corner of her room and
wanted Aunt Grace to cover them with a towel.  That scares me so. 

If she has to see things, I want them to be good things.  I pray that she will
see the angels and feel peaceful.  We had started watching City of Angels last
night and my husband told me that maybe it was the angels of death she was
seeing and was frightened.  I am getting ready to call down there to see how
she made the trip to radiation and back today.

It is 160 mile round trip for her to go get radiation and she has to go every
day.  It tires her out so.  Please pray for her strength and that she will be
at peace.  I thank you for the support and love. 
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