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Re: [MOL] MOL's PJ is home and big troubles, not signed on to MOL yet......

Hi Sis,
You just read me like a book don't you.  I've been sleeping my life away,  you
know how I get before Doctor stuff, I have to go get on blood pressure meds.
from my family Doc tomorrow, and the eye surgery on Wed.  and I sure hope I
can get out to have it done.
Love Ya,
Have to go for a pit stop, later OK?
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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] MOL's PJ is home and big troubles, not signed on to MOL
 Date:	1/4/99 4:14:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (lillian jennings)
 Well Nanc, you have been mighty quiet there friend.  Thanks for letting us
 know about PJ, could you pls. send me her e-mail address?  How are you
 doing?  I think your hurting and that is why you are not on line like we are
 accustomed to.  Love, sis
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 Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 2:57 PM
 Subject: [MOL] MOL's PJ is home and big troubles, not signed on to MOL
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 > Date: 1/4/99 11:22:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
 > From: PSerritell
 > Hi Nanc
 > It's 1/4/99 and I haven't yet signed back on the mol group.  Here is why
 > Our plane was delayed in Flordia for two hours plus.  We didn't arrive
 >till after midnite Sunday.  We came home to find that my inlaws left the
 >refrig open and all the food went bad.  My inlaws went to their daughters
 >the week, so noone was home.
 > We had much rain yesterday that our basement flooded.  We didn't lose alot
 >but had alot of damage.
 > My sciactica went out on the plane and I was in so much pain I was crying
 >whole flight.
 > Yesterday with the flood I had to pick up all the tiles in the basement
 >boxes and junk and all the stuff that was wet so my back was so bad that I
 >need to take pain killers all nite.  Well I'm now in bed trying to type
 >without dropping the keyboard.
 > Sorry but I'm just not ready to rejoin group until I can sit up and not
 >in pain.
 > My son is waiting for me to get better so we can go out.  I need to get
 >acupuncture 1st and hopefully the doctor can see me tonite.  My hubby
 >to stay home today but I said noway I needed to rest. ha ha.  So my lovely
 >Nanc I'm sorry I can't IM you tonite.  Maybe if my wish comes I can sit up
 >later and my hubby can help me later on.
 > Mom is doing well so was sad to see us go but she is coming along okay.
 >was her last chemo for the next two weeks she gets her break.  Her cat scan
 >for Feb or March and that's when we will go back.
 > Hope all the molers are fine.  My love to all.
 > We took alot of pictures and I will get them developed soon.  My love to
 > Love, Hugs, Kisses
 > PJ >>

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