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Re: [MOL] MOL's PJ is home and big troubles, not signed on to MOL yet......

Well Nanc, you have been mighty quiet there friend.  Thanks for letting us
know about PJ, could you pls. send me her e-mail address?  How are you
doing?  I think your hurting and that is why you are not on line like we are
accustomed to.  Love, sis

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Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 2:57 PM
Subject: [MOL] MOL's PJ is home and big troubles, not signed on to MOL

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> Date: 1/4/99 11:22:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
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> Hi Nanc
> It's 1/4/99 and I haven't yet signed back on the mol group.  Here is why
> Our plane was delayed in Flordia for two hours plus.  We didn't arrive
>till after midnite Sunday.  We came home to find that my inlaws left the
>refrig open and all the food went bad.  My inlaws went to their daughters
>the week, so noone was home.
> We had much rain yesterday that our basement flooded.  We didn't lose alot
>but had alot of damage.
> My sciactica went out on the plane and I was in so much pain I was crying
>whole flight.
> Yesterday with the flood I had to pick up all the tiles in the basement
>boxes and junk and all the stuff that was wet so my back was so bad that I
>need to take pain killers all nite.  Well I'm now in bed trying to type
>without dropping the keyboard.
> Sorry but I'm just not ready to rejoin group until I can sit up and not
>in pain.
> My son is waiting for me to get better so we can go out.  I need to get
>acupuncture 1st and hopefully the doctor can see me tonite.  My hubby
>to stay home today but I said noway I needed to rest. ha ha.  So my lovely
>Nanc I'm sorry I can't IM you tonite.  Maybe if my wish comes I can sit up
>later and my hubby can help me later on.
> Mom is doing well so was sad to see us go but she is coming along okay.
>was her last chemo for the next two weeks she gets her break.  Her cat scan
>for Feb or March and that's when we will go back.
> Hope all the molers are fine.  My love to all.
> We took alot of pictures and I will get them developed soon.  My love to
> Love, Hugs, Kisses
> PJ >>

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