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[MOL] Sarah..

I am so sorry for Greg and all of you.. It is such a very hard thing.  I think that talking with the hospice counsellors will be a very good thing for you...  It sounds like Greg has found the place in his inner spirit, where he needs and is ready to let go.
If that is the place he is at, then he needs the love and understanding from all of you that it is okay to let go.  If this is the place he has reached, then the help he needs is love, support, caring and help to make the transition to the other side.
Greg has been an absolute wonder and a true example for so many people; his internet site gives so much insight to the spirit with which he has tackled the cancer and worked for his wellness.  Greg has truly lived cancer as a journey.  He is a true example of having lived it with all the dedication, heart and determination that could be given to being a cancering survivor.  I thank God that he had each day to know that he was a survivor in the truest sense of the word.
We cannot pick when we are to be called to heaven  That goes for every single person alive.. but we all know that one day we will die.  Some people die in car accidents, have heart attacks, or have something so unexpected happen to them and they never know that they are saying goodbye to their friends, family and the world.
Some of us are lucky and we get diseases, like cancer.  With cancer we still have the chance to live and be cancering survivors each and every day that we awaken.  While we are on the cancering journey, we can share our barest hearts with those that we love and care about.  We can alter our day to day routines and make each day count, more than it would have before..
We get the opportunity to learn who we truly are and find a happiness within ourselves, that many people don't ever discover.  Greg epitomized learning who he is and discovering his true inner spirit and heart and then he went on to share it with so many others.  Praise God for the cancering journey that he has walked..
Please tell Greg that I am sending my deepest appreciation for who he is in this life and all that he has shared to enrich my cancering journey and so many others..  I pray that if he is to continue this journey, that God will control his pain and comfort his fear and bring him the assurance that God is with him.   If it is time to let go, then I pray that God will comfort him and give him all the peace and love to prepare him for a warm and loving transition to heaven.  There are many wonderful people that we have said goodbye to here that will be there with open arms and there is no pain in heaven.
Sarah, please accept this post with pure love.. for it is from a pure heart for Greg and your family that this is written and sent.  May God be with all of you each day... Love and hugs, Carla