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[MOL] Sarah/Dee

Dearest Sarah,
I am so very sorry that Greg is not improving as
we all hoped that he would. I know
how confusing it is not knowing what to pray for -
please talk to the hospice counselors -
they counsel the whole family not just the
patient. There are not easy answers but I do
know that you must listen to Greg - he knows what
he wants and he will help guide your
family. God will show all of you the way and you
will know what to ask for in your
heart. It's so hard to let go but sometimes
letting go is the most loving emotion that we
can do for our loved one.

Please know that I am praying for Greg and you and
your family - if you can, please
tell him how much we all love him. Tell him to
remember the story he told us about
the kitten if you can... My heart goes out to you
- please keep in touch - I care!!!!!!


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