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[MOL] Lillian/Dee

Dear Lil,
Thank you for your warm welcome back message... I
know that you are all here
for me and I have some questions that maybe you or
someone can help me with.

My dad's tumors have not grown and his tumor
markers have gone down by
33%, his white cell count, last week was 12,700
and his vitals were very good.
With all of this in mind, he is starting to retain
fluid around his liver; his stomach is
extended and tender... The doctor said that it was
toxins building up that the liver
could not take care of (50% of his liver is still
good), do you know of any meds,
alternative therapies, etc. that could help
relieve this fluid? I do know that this
will probably continue to get worse, unless a
miracle happens, but is there a way
to help elimanate some of this fluid so it doesn't
build up so quickly?

I hope that you had a super holiday and that you
have a great 1999...
It is nice to be back,

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