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I was just going through Greg's mail and thought maybe I could update you on what's going on with him.  I have been upset/worried all weekend, seems like he is going downhill so fast and I can't get there to see him until thursday.

Greg came home this past thurs and was fortunately home for his birthday sat, but returned to the hospital yesterday with kidney failure and acites (sp?) which they've helped him with/removed some of the the fluid, so he's more comfortable now.  Anyhow, he's been very depressed, crying and saying he wants it to be over with/wants to die, and I don't know if I blame him in some ways.  I can't bear to see him suffer like this anymore, he's in pain all the time and it seems like they can't keep him out of the hospital anymore.

Well, I'm rambling and I'm not sure what I'm asking you-I know you all have been keeping him in your prayers, I sincerely appreciate that and I know he does too.  I guess I am wondering-when do you stop trying to treat someone and just let them be at peace?  Or how do you know if someone is giving up when there may still hope?  I wish I knew how to be with him, I don't want to see him give up if there is a chance he can get better, but I also don't want him to go through treatments when they may be futile.  I know he's had so many things done to him and each time they seem to make him sicker, they give him a sense of hope and then he has to stop treatments because he's too ill.  I just don't know, maybe someone has some advice here?

At any rate, he's probably coming home with hospice there daily, he's not wanting to do anything more and once they have him stable they're going to let him go home.

Sincerely, Sarah

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