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[MOL] ooops, camp story (s0rRy)

(Camp story continued from last post....)

We were camping a couple summers ago over the 4th of July and had had a
wonderful time, great weather so we extended our stay.  The very day we paid
for the extra days, bad weather was predicted.  We were fine with that, and
holed up in our camper to play a rousing game or two or fifteen of Guess Who.
Right as it started to rain, Jack (hubby) ran outside to put the wood under
our pick-up so that it would stay dry.  Within minutes we were being deluged,
and kept check out the windows to see what was happening outside our cozy den.
I was the last to relent and look out and when I did, I sure got a good
chuckle!  All the wood that Jack had so painstakingly moved under the truck
was floating past us in a foot or more of water.  Not long after that we were
rescued by camp owners from our site, pulled out by their John Deere.

Somehow the foot of water was much more fun to deal with than this foot of
snow with ice on top!

Smiles to all,
Lee Anne
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