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Re: [MOL] [ Mol Angels/Dee is back]

It is nice to see that you are back!  You have been missed.  I am so so sorry
that your dad is not doing so well.  But, as you know Heavenly Father knew
exactly what he was doing bringing you there at the exact time that he did!
You and your daughter were meant to be there and meant to spend Christmas with
your family in Oklahoma.  I'll bet that your daughter will thank you
repeatedly over the years for giving her the opportunity of such a loving
visit; not to mention how thankful you are yourself! Your dad may rally and
live years beyond any expectation (especially after all of us storming heaven
for him!), even so, this visit will always remain a very special one!

My mom went downhill so fast we were not afforded with a "special" visit.  Oh
maybe we were but she felt so much the same as she had for such a long time
and none of us wanted to get into reallllly deep issues, it did not seem like
the right time.  (She was diagnosed in Sept. died in Nov.)  When she started
to go downhill it was so very fast and she was not very communicative. The
most meaningful exchange between us was nice though, I told her "I don't want
to lose you" and she opened her eyes and for one of the few instances through
that time she CLEARLY said "I don't want to lose you either" then she closed
her eyes and she did not say anything more the rest of my stay. 

So Dee, I hope you see what I am trying to say here, if not just know that I
am talking from my heart and that my hopes and prayers spring from there as

Love and hugs to you and your family,
Lee Anne
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