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Re: [MOL] Good Morning Everyone!


Thanks for sharing the poem (One).  It is so simple pure and true and I can
understand why Greg likes it and am so glad that you do too and that you
shared it here with us.  I like that it is dedicated to him and am sure that
fervent prayers are said as each of us reads and ponders it.  

I also want to thank you again for spreading knowledge (light!) as you do.
There are so many things that are out there to enlighten and edify us, yet
many of us (technophobes?!?) are not aware of the info. and or how to access
it.  You are truly an angel for your care concern and help that you give to
others.  Thank you.  

Note: As I am writing this the song by Alabama...Angels Among Us, is playing
on the radio, how touching and appropriate!!!

Love to you, you sweet mol angel,
Lee Anne
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