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Re: [MOL] Snowed in Nanc, Boo Hoo/I'm here.......

Hi Carla,
We can't get out and no one can get in.  Our road isn't even plowed out today,
our's is always the last to get done.  Our son in law was going to install our
dishwasher today but I think that's on his back burner, he'll be plowing snow
instead.  There has never been a dishwasher in this house.  Don doesn't see to
wash them clean anymore, so I told him it was time to have one now, I have
pretty much taken over kitchen duties now anyway.  I'm go to read the rest of
my mail.  I have to take my christmas stuff down before my Daughter Bonnie's
Birthday, she hates her birthday so close to Christmas.  So I put it up
Thanksgiving and take it down the day after Christmas, and Bonnie comes here
for Christmas, so she leaves hers up for the girls.  Talk to you later,
Love ya,

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 Date:	1/2/99 11:59:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (ken naehring)
 Been over on an auction site all night... what else do you do with a snowy
 night..  I haven't left this house since Wednesday!!  I feel a little
 stressed over it, but I am surviving...  Started taking down Christmas today
 and didn't get that far....  Just feeling lazy and tired..
 Nanc.. glad that you have all the supplies you need to get through this!  It
 is raining here and they say we are having black ice now, but is supposed to
 get frigid and that will turn to ice...  Don't know that church should be in
 the plan for morning..
 So I am going to go to bed here in a bit... glad for you nanc..  I will keep
 you in prayer for good health....  May God bless you, much love, Carla
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 Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 9:30 PM
 Subject: Re: [MOL] Snowed in Nanc, Boo Hoo........
 >Hi Sis,
 >Well we can still get out the living room door, don't do any good though,
 >cause there's 4 foot drifts, I don't know if we can even get to the Van or
 >truck, couldn't get out of the drive if we did, we're snowed in, at least
 >we're warm with food and water, and a toilet too, thank God for that, and I
 >can still get on line.  I can't shovel so I guess we're going to stay in
 >place for awhile.  I sure hope we can get out to go get my eye surgery over
 >with.  Where is everyone tonight anyway, not many writing, I heard from
 >maybe she went to sleep.  Christine and Lee Anne have been on, and Liz too.
 >I've slept most of the day away.  So how is your weather?
 >Love you,
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 > Nanc, you are simply a hoot!  Always a cute laugh from you dear heart.  Is
 > mother out of prison yet?  LOL!  Who is going to shovel the snow, I pray
 > YOU! love, sis.
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 > From: ken naehring <>
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 > Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 1:51 PM
 > Subject: Re: [MOL] Back from vacation/Nanc
 > >Not very good here either my friend, but not as bad as where you are.. I
 > >only have one question for you... Are you trying to get in or out of your
 > >mothers door??!!  ROTFLOL!!  That way I know how to pray for you...  Love
 > >and hugs, Carla
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 > >Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 12:51 PM
 > >Subject: Re: [MOL] Back from vacation, boo hoo
 > >
 > >
 > >>Welcome home Lee Anne,
 > >>We're snowed in to.  They are telling on TV to not go out.  It is a
 > >blizzard
 > >>here, can't even see across the road.  The wind is awful.  We can't even
 > >get
 > >>my Mother's door open, snowed shut.  Talk to you later.
 > >>Love ya,
 > >>Nanc
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