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[MOL] Introducing Non-Surgical Liposuction! A Fat/Cellulite Reducing System !

Re: Non-Surgical Liposuction! A Fat/Cellulite Reducing System!

This announcement is for all those who want to get rid of excess/ 
unhealthy fat weight as well as excess/unsightly puckers of cellulite
It is now possible to have that Beautiful, Firm and Slim Figure of
your Dreams! A comprehensive Fat & Cellulite Reducing System, is now 
available without prescription! Developed by practicing Obesity
Medicine physicians, this revolutionary, safe, all natural, 100%
herbal Fat Loss System has now become the best Fat & Cellulite
Reducing System to ever hit the Weight & Fat Loss Industry!
To receive FREE Info about this exciting Fat & Cellulite Reducing 
System, complete the Info Request Form below -LEGIBLY PLEASE, (Best
To Type It!). Fax your LEGIBLY completed form to this 24Hour
dedicated Fax Line at: 918-298-4517. 

Note: All FREE info is sent via email ONLY! Illegibly completed forms
, will regrettably not be processed! Thanks in advance for taking the
time to do it right!

Info Request Form:

Name:  _______________________________________________ 

Email Address: _______________________________________ 

Our Ref: 12/AM/31/SFLRS/98#2 

Thank You. You will be receiving info, usually within 24 to 48 Hours
on regular business days via Email from an indepedent marketing 

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