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That was a neat story.  My wedding was pretty unique. After Steve and I had
dated for 3 years  he told me I had to move to North Carolina and stop
transferring with my company.  I was in construction and over the last 8 years
have lived in over 35 states to build apartments.  So I did so we could get a
chance to really get to know each other every day. We are big nascar fans and
we went to the last race of the season in Atlanta, he proposed by having" Will
You Marry Me?" on the window of our motel room!  We went to a jeweler and had
our rings designed the way we wanted them the next day.  When we went to pick
them up, he got on his knees in the mall in Atlanta and again proposed.
People were stopping and cheering!!

We got married in his small country church.  Three days before the wedding the
pastor cancelled on us!  So I had to rush around and find a pastor. The only
one I could find was a female pastor friend of mine.  Steve had originally
said he did not want a woman preacher!  After the wedding service he had to go
to her and tell her how touched he was by her ceremony and he now thinks very
highly of her.  The day before the wedding we remembered we had not got our
marriage license!  They closed at 5 and we got there at 4:30.  Steve needed a
hair cut so bad and could not get in anywhere!  So the morning of our wedding
my sister was cutting his hair!  Thank God she did a great job.  Our flower
girl got cold feet and we had to "borrow" a guest to fill in, which I might
add she did a great job.  You would have never known she was a substitute.
The guy that was doing the sound system got paged to a fire so his wife had to
hurry over to the church to do the music at 1. (Our wedding was at 2)

My sister had to help me from the back of the church to get ourside to the
front of the church.  We could hear the music playing and getting close to our
cue and we could not find the exit door.  We kept opening doors that only lead
to closets.  But we did make it.  Just as I started down the aisle my top
button on my dress in the back came stayed that way the whole
ceremony.  Not one picture out of 10 rolls of film the photographer took came
out.  Completely black! (I told Steve I would break the camera).

But on the other side of this was the first time in 15 years that my
whole family was together in one place.  I felt so lucky.  My uncle got the
greatest video of the wedding, including my singing.  When you watch the video
you can not tell that anything went hectic.  Matter of fact we had people
comment on what a touching ceremony that we had.  I came down the aisle to the
song "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  I sang "Bridge Over
Troubled Waters" while our mothers and my 3 boys lite the unity candles
together.  And we had so many people in the congregation taking pictures that
by the time they all sent us negatives we ended up with a great photo album.
And the photos mean so much more to us because it was views from our friends.
We suggest to all couples now to spend the extra money for those packages of
disposable cameras and spread them out in the church and the reception for the
guest to take pictures and then give the cameras to a desinated person.  You
get some great memories from them.

One of the race teams donated a pig to us for the reception and we had it
barbecued.  The reception went great.  And that is my long story. 
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