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[MOL] Mol Angels/Dee is back

Hi everyone of you dear Angels,

My daughter and I just returned from visiting my
parents in Oklahoma. Our stay was
extended unexpectedly because my dad took a turn
for the worse only two hours
after we arrived at my parents house. We rushed
him (by ambulance) to the hospital 12/19 and the
doctor "sent him home" on the Weds. before Xmas.

I decided that it was very important for my
daughter and I to spend Xmas with my
dad and my family, my husband had to be alone for
Xmas but all of our friends kept
him busy til we got back home...

My dad did his best to make this a special Xmas
but it was so hard to be happy...
We all made it through and fulfilled my dad's wish
that we all have a nice Xmas
together... He said the dinner blessing and made
some other small speeches which,
of course, had us all in tears... Got alot of
pictures which we will cherish...
It was very hard for my daughter to see her
grandfather so very ill since she hadn't
seen him in over four years. She was a tower of
strength for all of us (she is only
18), I am so proud of her.

I have some questions that I am hoping someone in
our group can answer for me but
I am going to wait until tomorrow to write any

I hope that all of you had a beautiful Christmas
and that you enjoy a blessed 1999!!!!

If you could, would you all please storm heaven
with prayers for my dad; he has
rallied once again but he is getting weaker with
each crisis... His liver cancer has not
spread so far which is good so maybe there is
still hope and a chance for a miracle...

Thanks for being here when I got back, I missed
all of you,

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