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[MOL] Tracy

Tracy, I am sending you one location about PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography).  There are many useful links off of this..
It does indeed sound like it is time for a full body PET scan.  Also have you had a bone scan done?
Tracy, I am so sorry that this is rushing up on you like this and I know that they have you in fast gear..  Please allow me to help you to research all that I can.
You know that you will be in my prayers as I am adenocarcinoma with local lymph node only involvement,one year survivor lung cancer and had one lung removed.
Tracy, you said that you felt that your doctor would see this as a death sentence in his eyes...  Forgive me, but if he does.. find another doctor!  They are not there to see death sentences.  A good oncologist will research and try to help you in everyway possible, including faith.  Tracy, do not give up...  Have you read Greg Anderson's books, "Fifty Essential Things to Do When the Doctor Says it is Cancer" and written as a parable of sorts, but very good is the "Cancer Conqueror".
Do your research, go to DisneyWorld with your darling daughter, work, but not to the exclusion of the journey that you are on..  This is the most important journey that you will travel my dear, it is the road to wellness called the cancering journey..
Make the most of every single day Tracy.  It is the quality of life that will live on in our hearts and the hearts of everyone else.  Believe God for a miracle and never stop hoping.
We have lost members of our forum to cancer and some are very ill right now.  I just found a quote the other day that said:  "Even though God is the wind beneath your wings,  you still have to do alot of flapping".
Fly my friend and soar like an eagle...  Search high and low for the journey of your life and stay open to the inner spirit which will guide you and serve you well.  May God Bless you and please stay in touch...
My direct email is blessu@worldnet.att.net  hugs and comfort to you, Carla