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Re: [MOL] Pam

Hi Lillian:  I have just been reading everyone's posts and keeping a low-profile as of late (as if I'm not short enough)!!!  Everyone here is doing fine.  We have had a good holiday season.  Ate plenty, that's for sure!!!  How are things back east treating you?  We got several inches of snow today here!  Did you have any electrical troubles like they did over in Virginia?  I have not heard from Lee Anne for quite some time, now that you mention it!  Dad is doing great now that they gave him some good news!  He never believed that pesky "incurable" diagnosis that they gave him in July anyhow!  My ankle is nearly back to normal except for the scar tissue which is a bummer but I can make do with that as long as I can wear two shoes of the same size!!  You take care and I'll be looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!  Love, Pam J