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[MOL] Special Announcemet

 Dear Website Owner,

 Want your ad to be viewed
by ...3,200,000 people ...... ALL FOR FREE?

If you don't, don't read any further and just
send this message back with REMOVE in your
Subject Box.

But ... If you do, then read on because what
you are about to discover will blow your
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You've got a product or service to sell? You've set up
a beautiful website, submitted it to all the search
engines and your fingers are numb from endless posting
to classified and free-4-all sites? - You did everything
right? Still, the prospects you expected to flood you
with orders just dribble in! I know, I've been there also!
What if I told you that, in just a few short weeks, you
would have to hire extra personnel to handle a mountain
of incoming orders! You'd be interested, right? Now, what
if I told you you can accomplish this amazing feat in under
one hour a day and that it would be ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

That's right, I said FREE and I meant it!  What's more, you
need not fear "flames," "bombs," the loss of your ISP or an
unfriendly knock at the door in the early morning hours!

- Sound too good to be true?  Read on!In less than an hour a 
day, you can put your product or
service in front of as many as 3,200,000 potential customers!
POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS - Are you ready to learn this foolproof,
FREE system? All right, let's get started:

Block this whole letter with your mouse and select Edit->Copy from
your menu above.  Open a new email to send and put the cursor in the
message box.  Select Edit->Paste from the same menu above.

Read the 5 advertisements at the end of this letter.

Remove the ad in the number 1 position and renumber the remaining
ads as #1 though #4

Place your ad for product, service or website AFTER the number 4
ad and number it as number 5. (I'll explain why a little later)

Send the letter to 10 people a day, five days a week for two weeks.
That's a total of 100 letters!

(I'll tell you where to find them FREE)

That's it!  You're finished!

Too simple you say?  Let's look at the math!

The reason for sending 10 letters a day for 2 weeks is that you
can reasonably assume that at least 20% of those receiving your
letter are savvy enough business people to see the value of this
FREE system! That gives you 20 potential customers who will SEE
YOUR Advertisement.

Not impressed, Let's continue!

Each of those 20 recipients send out 100 letters and get a 20%
participation. You now have 400 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS SEEING YOUR
AD! Each of those 400 people send out 100 letters and get 20%
participation. You're now up to 8,000 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS SEEING
YOUR AD! Each of those 8,000 send out 100 letters, get a 20%
participation and your ad is - exposed to 160,000 POTENTIAL
CUSTOMERS! Your advertisement is now in the number 1 position!
If each of the 160,000 send out 100 letters and  get only 20%

Now, take a minute to catch your breath while I explain where to
find the 100 people to send your letter to at ABSOLUTELY NO COST
and why it's important to place your ad in the number 5 position!
Actually, we'll start with the positioning first!

You may ask yourself "why not shoot for the top and put my ad in
the number 1 position?"  The answer is quite simple!  Those who
participate in this POWERFUL and COMPLETELY FREE system will be
doing the same thing you should do, removing the number 1 ad and
placing their ad in the number 5 position. If you were to put your
ad in the number one spot, it will be gone after the first cycle!
By placing it in the number 5 slot, Your ad won't be removed until
it is seen by as many as 3,200,000 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!  And
remember, this system is based on a REALISTIC participation rate
of ONLY 20%! A good chunk of the 80% who aren't serious enough
about their business and their future to participate will also be
reading YOUR AD! When you begin calculating them, the total numbers
are absolutely staggering!

So, where do you find the 100 people to send your letter to?  Again,
it's quite simple and TOTALLY FREE!  Just go to your favorite search
engine (Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, etc.) classified section! There,
you will find THOUSANDS of commercial advertisements with email
addresses! These are professional marketers, like yourself who have
placed these ads with the same hopes of attracting customers you

Talk about a Target Market!

So, there you have it!  And, of course, you don't have to stop at
sending your letter to only 100 people!  If you wish (and can
handle the MASSIVE VOLUME this FREE system provides), you can send
out more letters as time permits and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS BEYOND

This system simply CAN'T FAIL!

Please notice that I never promised a 100% participation rate. You
and I both know that would be totally unrealistic.  That's why I
use the 20% example.  Your results may be more or less.  It doesn't
matter! If you can accomplish even 5% participation, you're still
miles ahead of those timid, lazy souls who find themselves lost in
a sea of mediocrity.  By the way, a 5% participation would still
 what are you waiting for?  Read theadvertisements below and 
start sending your letter out NOW!


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