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[MOL] Mary/Dee

Dearest Mary,

I am so very sorry to hear about Angelo's
worsening condition... please know that
my thoughts and prayers are with Angelo, you, and
your family.

It is such a shame when there is a glimmer of hope
and then the rug is ripped out
with no warning... I know because this happened to
my dad the day we got to
Oklahoma on 12/19... we weren't even in my parents
house two hours with my
dad feeling good and we were calling 911 and
praying that he would make it through
the night. My daughter had not seen my parents in
four years and it was so very hard
for her to see her grandfather so very ill. She
was my tower of strength, I was very
proud of her. My dad made it through one more
crisis but it seems like it takes alot
more of his strength each time this happens.

So please, please know that we are all with Angelo
and his family in prayer and in
spirit. There is always hope so don't let that
glimmer fade, OK?

I am glad that your family had a nice Christmas -
you all deserved it.

Much love,

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