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[MOL] Angelo

Dear Mary,

I am sitting in front of my terminal feeling sad and teary as I read what
you wrote and the posts of others about Angelo.  I keep thinking about the
clip they are running on TV for that movie Patch Adams where Robin Williams
says how if you treat the patient you will always win while if you treat
the disease you will always lose.  I think this is because in life, as
Bernie Siegel says, in one of his books I'm reading, death has a 100%
mortality rate.

Mary, I'd really like to be able to do something to help in some way.  I've
seen a lot of people put up their phone #s, etc., on the list.  I'm not
sure you'd be comfortable doing that but maybe you could tell Lillian or
somebody, so people who are close could know and even people who are far
away could maybe send things.

Lots of Love, Hugs, Squeezes, Pats on the head and Prayers, always Mary.

Remember what everyone says about Les.  I am a complete believer in the
notion that laughter can be the best medicine.  Not being on this list very
long, I could not believe that anyone could have 10 tumors in his brain,
like he did and still be so silly.   

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