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[MOL] Mary and Angelo

Mary, I hope that you know that we are all heartsick to hear this news about Angelo.  I think that it is very good that you will be taking the leave of absence now, as it will allow for some good time between you, the children and Angelo..  I cannot and will not be a predictor of the worse, for I believe that there is always a chance that there will be a miracle healing.  I also know that there may not be.
So how do I lift prayers for you and Angelo..  My friends, I pray that God will be with you allowing you to fully make the most of every single day that you will share.  I pray that every morning when you get up, there is a guardian angel who will live in your hearts, bringing you comfort, joy and allowing you to give fully of your love to eachother and the children.
I pray that each night you will have a guardian angel who will calm your mind and your heart and allow you restful slumber.  I pray that Angelo will be kept pain free and still able to be a viable part of the family and that you both will maintain your faith and hope for a miracle.
I wish that I could be there for you Mary.. I wish that I could help you with all that you are facing and that I could be the friend that is there with arms to hug you when you find the time and need to cry.  That is the awful part of forum relationships, you can't run next door and reach out to help someone that you care about...
Please know that you are both loved and cared so very much about. I am many others will be keeping our hearts open for you.
I know that it feels like that old roller coaster just crashed Mary..  Yet the cancering journey will continue on for you both.  Keep in touch with your heart and allow your spirit to guide you on the journey..  You are never alone.  May God Bless you, Angelo and your family and may he bring a heart to share and comfort you all...  Love and hugs, Carla