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Re: [MOL] Angleo/God Bless you Mary...

Oh!  Mary,
You have never been without my prayers, I'm so sorry to hear you having to go
down on the rollor coaster again.  (((HUGS))) for you and your family, I
should have been sending them to you more ofter, you sure are a trooper.  I
hope you know when it's time to call in Hospice, you know that they will cover
all the pain meds, and that really gets expensive.  He could ralley again,
look at what Les has gone through, and he looked great when we were in Ohio.
Even when you think there is no hope, there still could be.  When you give up
the fight, is when there is no hope.  MOL's will just have to pled to our
Father in Heaven to make Angelo better, and to make him feel more comfortable.
That has to be the hardest, standing by and watching him suffer, and not being
able to take the pain away.  Hang in there Mary, I am here for you anytime,
and wished I could do more.
Love you all,
I'm so happy your family was able to have a nice Christmas, I thank God for

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Angleo
 Date:	1/1/99 4:55:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Mary Furfaro)
 Dear Molers,
 I haven't posted much lately but I have been peeking in every now and
 then when I get the chance.  Angelo and the kids and I had a wonderful
 x-mas, and I'm so thankful that we did because our New Year is going
 to be very sad one.
 Angelo began seeing double and becoming very nasueated Tuesday afternoon
 and increasing pain in his hip and lower back.  I called
 his Onc. Wednesday when it didn't seem to be getting better.  WE thought
 that maybe it was from the pain pills he was taking for his back.  His
 Onc. wanted to see him right away so they admitted him into the
 hospital.  They did an MRI Thursday afternoon and found that the cancer
 has spread to the brain.  We are devestated  to say the least.  It's
 like being diagnosed all over again.  We get a little glimmer of hope,
 and then the rug gets pulled out from underneath us.
 They are going to give him 20 radiation treatments to the brain. 
 He no longer qualifies for the clinical trials that we were hoping
 to get him into because of the mets to the brain.  The onc. told us
 to let him go home and make him as comfortable as possible.  He is
 in a lot of pain from the bone cancer and they gave him morphine patch.
 The double vision makes him nasueated so they have him on naseua  meds
 I am going to take a leave of absense from my Day Care to be with him.
 Please pray for all of us.  I will continue to pray for all of you
 and will try to keep you posted about Angelo,
 Love to you all,

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